Why It’s Time to Paint Your Commercial Property

Commercial painting seems like an expense with little return, but that isn’t necessarily true. The appearance of your building affects the attention your business receives from customers, employees and competitors.  You want to make sure your building gets positive attention and represents your company well.  Choosing to paint your commercial property  can also save you money in the long run.

However, you might be unsure of whether it’s necessary to paint. Knowing when to call yourPetoskey painting experts by asking yourself if you could benefit from any of the items below:

1. Create a New Identity With New Paint

A new paint color is a simple way to show customers that the building is under new management. Changing the appearance of a building is an easy way to increase interest in your space.

You can still use a new exterior paint color to your advantage if you’ve been in a space for years. You may want to change your look if you are taking a business in a new direction. You may also want to update your business’s appearance to seem more modern. Whatever the reason, repainting the exterior of a building is a simple way reinvent your business.

2. Make a Good Impression With Customers (and Employees)

A well-maintained building tells your customers that you care about your business and their experience. Customers do judge a book by its cover! Don’t let a run-down exterior send the wrong message. Instead, invite more customers in with a fresh and exciting new appearance.

Consider making a change if you’ve been in the same space for a long time. Changing your exterior paint can make your building more eye-catching and bring in new customers.

Customers aren’t the only people affected by your building’s appearance. It’s important for the people who work in your building to know that you care about it as well. A fresh coat of paint can increase an employee’s pride in their workplace, improve their mood and make your business an even better place to work. 

3. Add Value and Save Money by Painting

Maybe you’re looking for new tenants or reselling your building soon. A new coat of paint is a quick way to add value to your building. A fresh appearance makes your building more attractive to potential renters or buyers.

Some materials in your building may appear to need replacing, when a fresh coat of paint would actually be sufficient. Repainting is often more cost-effective than replacing. If the issues in your building’s materials are only aesthetic, repainting is a better option.

4. Noticeable Signs of Paint Damage

Paint damage is most common in exterior paint. While exterior paints are designed to be long-lasting, cheap paint or improper mixing can cause paint to fail faster.

Cracking and blistering are common types of paint damage that are easy to spot. If you see flakes or bubbles, it’s time to repaint. Look out for chalking in your exterior paint as well. To test for chalking, see if paint rubs off the surface of your building in a powder on your hand.

Mildew or algae are also concerns. These are caused by moisture or poor circulation. If not addressed, mildew and algae can cause further damage.

Paint damage can also occur inside. In these cases, damaged paint can become a health concern. Of course lead paint is an issue in older buildings that must be addressed. But paint damage to any kind of paint can negatively impact air quality. Minimize dust and pollutants by repainting interior spaces.

Even if your paint is high quality and mixed properly, weather will take its toll eventually. If it’s been awhile since the last time your building’s exterior was painted, take a closer look to make sure your paint isn’t failing. Ask your painter how you can avoid early paint failure in the future.

Color fading, although not as serious an issue, is a problem. Fading negatively impacts your building’s appearance. Fading can also be a sign that your paint is getting closer to cracking and blistering. UV rays constantly contribute to paint’s color fading. Repainting helps keep your building looking clean and fresh.

5. Keep Up With Local Laws

Local regulations may include rules about the upkeep of your commercial building. This includes the exterior appearance as well as any health concerns that may be related to painting. Keep yourself out of trouble-- and avoid expensive legal fees-- by making sure that your building is up to these standards.

Even experts disagree on how often the exterior of a building needs to be repainted. Some recommend every 6 years while others say you could wait up to 15. Deciding when to repaint your business becomes easier when you know what signs to look for.

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