Petoskey Painting Services | Interior & Exterior

The professional Petoskey painters at A-1 Painting Management specialize in a wide-range of painting services for residential painting and commercial painting projects. From priming and caulking to exterior painting and deck staining, our experts always deliver outstanding results with exceptional customer service — every step of the way.

When your next painting project needs a special touch, let the experienced Petoskey painters at A-1 Painting Management take care of your paint job from start to finish — with amazing results. We use only the highest quality, name brand paints on the market and always aim to exceed customer expectations. We pay close attention to detail to ensure that our paint jobs stay fresh for years to come.

A-1 Painting Management offers numerous services, including:

Petoskey Interior Painting

Interior painting requires similar preparation as exterior painting — with extra focus and attention given to protecting the adjacent and surrounding areas from unintended drips and paint splatter. The Petoskey painters at A-1 Printing Managementspecialize in creating esthetically pleasing and clean-looking interior surfaces throughout your home. Learn more about Petoskey interior painting here.

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Petoskey Exterior Painting

Michigan's harsh winters can pose additional hazards to the beauty and integrity of our homes from freezing rain to heavy snow and ice. A-1 Painting Management can help you to restore and maintain the exterior paint on your home, while providing resilient year-round protection for one of your biggest investments. Learn more about Petoskey exterior painting here.

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Naples Commercial Painting

Commercial painting strikes a delicate balance between delivering first-rate results while not disrupting your staff, customers or occupants. With a well-thought-out plan and efficient use of time, your commercial painting project can be completed quickly and with minimal disruption. Learn more about Petoskey commercial painting here.

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Petoskey Historic Home Painting

With many years of experience painting historic homes, our skilled painting specialists have successfully painted homes of all shapes and sizes — and work especially well with unique situations where their experience and knowledge can foster creative and effective solutions. Learn more about Petoskey historic home painting here.

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Petoskey Drywall & Plaster

Whether you need to patch a hole or replace an entire wall, the drywall and plaster repair experts at A-1 Painting Management have the expertise to take care of it. Our services not only include drywall and plaster repairs, but quality painting as well. Learn more about Petoskey drywall and plaster here.

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Petoskey Caulking & Glazing

Our Naples painters can seal your home or business to reduce your heating and cooling costs substantially over time. Sealing drafty cracks and leaks with fresh caulk or glazing your windows helps to retain hot or cool air and save money. Learn more about Petoskey window caulking and glazing here.

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Petoskey Staining & Sealing

While many painting companies claim they specialize in staining and sealing, many do not have the knowledge and experience to properly protect your wood from the harsh winters of Michigan. It is vital that you work with licensed contractors who will guarantee that their work will deliver adequate protection over time. Learn more about Petoskey staining and sealing here.

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Petoskey Power Washing

Areas such as exterior siding, gutters, wood fencing, decks, masonry and concrete will all benefit from pressure washing that cleans and removes debris, stains and pollutants that can damage the surfaces of your home over time. The right pressure washing will restore the look of your home while removing years of wear and accumulation from your exterior surfaces. Learn more about Petoskey power washing here.

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If you are thinking about rejuvenating the look of your home or business contact the Petoskey Painters at A-1 Painting Management for a free estimate or call us directly at 888.705.1146.